Prototype - Original experimental aircraft under development for commercial or private use.  Air Graphics is an industry leader designing and implementing exterior graphics for avaition.  Unique fuselage skins require carefully managed designs taking into consideration future and on going development. 


Kestrel Aircraft Under new leadership of this exciting aircraft, Air Graphics was proud to be called upon to partner with the Graphic Design Team at Kestrel Aircraft.  With an all composite fuselage offering high stregth and design versatility, this aircraft reflects modern aviation design.




Terrafugia (Flying Car) -  Terrafugia (ter-ra-FOO-gee-ah) was founded in 2006 by award-winning MIT-trained aeronautical engineers and MBA's.  The company‚Äôs mission is to provide innovative solutions to the challenges facing personal aviation.  

Air Graphics was proud to be chosen for exterior design development of this remarkable aircraft.


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