About Us

From the beginning Air Graphics started designing graphics for the general aviation markets with an emphasis on experimental and composite aircraft. Our grass roots in aviation stem back to 1987 building and flying experimental aircraft. With a love for aviation and seeking light weight alternatives for exterior designs and markings, Air Graphics started researching and developing graphic solutions.


Working With Us

Air Graphics is committed to providing a high-level of service to our customers that exceeds all standards of quality and performance present in the world of modern aviation. Our production techniques have been perfected to ensure an accurate, precise, and fast solution for your graphic needs. We continually strive to be the leader in graphic design, installation, and support for the aircraft industry. Improvements in design, production and installation occur routinely. New technology tests the limits of design and aesthetics, further allowing us to create outstanding results.


Why Choose Air Graphics

Extremely Light, graphic weight measured in ounces

Cost Effective compare

Easy to Install and Remove

Special Adhesive to withstand extreme conditions

Unlimited color options 

Fast Service and Support across the globe



(608) 298-9200
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